Swift Playgrounds Activity Cards

Swift Playgrounds is a free app on iPad to help children learn to code. It is designed for students aged 11-14 years old, attending secondary school/middle school. The app includes in-built lessons and challenges allowing students to understand and master key coding concepts. 

The Activity Cards below have been developed to allow students to build on the concepts learnt in the Learn to Code 1, 2 & 3 lessons in the Swift Playgrounds app. 

Students can design their own Traffic Light System, program the journey of the Titanic or even use Apple's ARKit in the Swift Playgrounds app to bring their favourite stories to life in augmented reality.

Tap the green links below to get started.

Roald Dahl Augmented Reality.   Bring characters to life from James and the Giant Peach in this Augmented Reality activity.

When is your birthday?   A great place to start with a simple quiz where students can explore strings and drop-down lists using Swift code.

Christmas Card.  Students apply the same concepts as app developers as they explore UIKit to build their own Christmas card.

Traffic Lights.   Students use Touch Events and animations to create a working set of traffic lights.

Journey of the Titanic.   Students use coding to engage in a history and geography lesson, programming the journey of the Titanic using Swift code.